Questions and Answers

DesignBoard is an innovative composite decking product that features some impressive USPs. Read our FAQs to find out what it is that makes this product so different to anything else on the market.


How many colours are available?

There are 8 colours held in stock and a further 20 colours available on a 5–7 week lead time.

Is every piece the same or is there a range of pattern variations?

The base colour of the material is the same but there is a range of different patterns to provide variation to the surface finish.

Will the colour of DesignBoard fade over time?

The colour of DesignBoard will fade by about 1% a year. This is hugely favourable to timber which fades by approx. 17% per year.

Is DesignBoard available in Bespoke Sizes?

The width of DesignBoard is fixed at 150mm but the length can be adjusted. The minimum order for bespoke sizes is 150m2.

How do you install DesignBoard?

DesignBoard is fixed using an invisible clipping system.

How big should the gaps be between boards?

The gaps should be 4mm between the long edges of the boards and 4mm between the short edges. The 4mm gap between the long edges of the board is created by the invisible clipping system. Saving you a job and guaranteeing a consistent gap every time.

How do I clean DesignBoard?

You rarely need specialised cleaning products to clean DesignBoard. In most cases water and a brush, or a jet wash, will suffice. For more information on cleaning see page 14 and 15 of the Product Guide.