DesignBoard Ancillaries

Whatever your style, our range of designs and finishes, from beautifully aged to ultra contemporary, invites you to create your perfect outdoor space.

  • DesignBoard Clips

    DesignBoard Clips

    DesignBoard clips are the secret to installing this high-quality composite decking. Designed to hold boards firmly in place while remaining out of sight, they screw directly into the sub-frame and ensure a neat professional finish. The invisible clips ensure you achieve a consistent gap along every long edge, speeding up installation time.

  • DesignBoard Screws

    DesignBoard Screws

    DesignBoard screws are the perfect fit for attaching DesignBoard clips, which hold boards in place, to your sub-frame. Available in boxes of 500, only one is required per clip, giving plenty of board coverage in every box. Screws and clips are completely hidden, ensuring an elegant finish to your decking area.

  • Edge Clip

    Edge Clip

    Galvanised steel edging clips are used to provide an attractive edging solution without the need to use screws. Maintaining DesignBoard's invisible fixing system and contemporary minimalist style.