DesignBoard Cleaning & Maintenance

Although DesignBoard requires no maintenance, it should be cleaned periodically after installation. The following information is a useful guide to ensure you keep your composite decking in good condition.

Water stains

Surface water can pool and then evaporate, leaving a filn and spots on the surface of the DesignBoard. These spots are normal and not a deficiency. Use clean water and a brush to remove. Ensure any excess water is swept off and then allow the area to dry. For persistent stains repeat the operation using detergent cleaner. To remove limescale use a vinegar cleaner.

Spots of soda, wine, coffee

Soda stains, wine or coffee are removed with a detergent cleaner. If these persist, repeat the operation using a diluted bleach solution. Do not leave the bleach to stand on the deck surface. Clean off with water quickly.

Grease stains, sun cream, oil, etc...

Clean the stain as soon as possible. Remove first with an absorbent agent. Then use a degreasing cleaner to remove the stain.

Spots of tree resin

For stains caused by tree resin, clean using a cloth moistened with alcohol Ethyl. Do not apply ethyl directly as it can stain the deck.

Spots decaying organic matter

Use diluted bleach solution, then scrub with a brush, then rinse thoroughly.

Stubborn stains

For stubborn stains of unknown nature, follow different cleaning steps:

  • Water
  • Cleansing soap
  • Diluted bleach (subsequent rinsing with water)
  • Bleach concentrated (subsequent rinsing with water)

Heat or surface damage on deck

Alterations or damage (burns, discoloration by external agents) to the surface of the deck, can be removed with sandpaper. Using sandpaper will cause a change in the colour of the decking but this will fade over time.

Periodic cleaning

Carry out general cleaning every 3-6 months, depending on usage (always perform a clean test in an inconspicuous area). To do this use the following steps:? Use a jet wash and clean in the same direction as the grooves on the decking surface, avoiding circular movements. This will help to remove embedded dirt and dust. Hold the jet wash lance at an angle of 45 degrees at least 300mm from the surface of the DesignBoard? Use a brush and clean with soap and bleach cleaner. Leave for minutes and rinse with plenty of water and avoid puddles. Allow to dry.

DesignBoard is not resistant to acetone, strong acids, silicones and paints.