Composite Decking Ideal For Green Living Spaces At RHS Malvern

This week sees the opening of this year’s RHS Malvern Spring Festival. One of the most enjoyable elements of the festival, the Green Living Spaces, aims to show how you can create a gardening haven even in even the smallest area such as a patio or roof terrace.

Anne Keenan created a contemporary terrace using a range of materials, including porcelain and a decorative Perspex shelving unit

DesignBoard composite decking is an ideal material for small spaces. Not only is it lightweight and easy to install but its clean lines can be cleverly used to make the most of the space you have, while it gives you nine attractive colours of contemporary decking to choose from.

This is exactly what Anne Keenan did last year for her Green Living Spaces Bronze-award winning “At Home – Grow, Dine and Relax”. Scattered with edible plants and featuring a water butt feeding a wine-cooling rill, it also incorporated DesignBoard Traditional composite deck boards, which complemented the water butt and the building itself and gave borders to the porcelain black and white tiles, putting them in context.

Elaine Portch created an effective and visually engaging area by using lots of ‘up-cycled’ furniture and furnishings

Also in the category was Elaine Portch’s “Outside Number 39”, winning Gold and Best in Category for a delightful terrace (all the entries were 5 x 3 metres) that made the most of recycled elements, putting it within reach of smaller budgets. Elaine opted for DesignBoard Mocha, this time placing the decking planks at right angles to the house, leading the eye away from the doors and making the space feel larger.

Of course, one of the notable aspects of small garden spaces is how they very much make up a part of your living space, being just outside your back door. This is something that the Green Living Spaces at Malvern makes particularly clear. Contemporary decking really lends itself to these situations, being a modern, low-maintenance material that retains its good looks. If you wish, you can even tone it with the colours you choose for indoors.

So, don’t miss the Green Living Spaces, part-sponsored by DesignBoard composite decking supplier London Stone, at this year’s RHS Malvern Spring Festival. As last year, they’re full of good ideas of how to make the most of even the smallest outdoor space.

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