DesignBoard Composite Decking – A Perfect Partner For Paving, Part 2

Is it possible to match contemporary decking with traditional stone paving? Well, it depends on the quality of the materials you’re working with. For a designer with a good eye – and we’re always happy to lend a little help, if you’re new to composite decking – modern decking boards are as easy to combine with traditional materials as they are with contemporary.

Ann Kennan’s mixed use of materials created a wonderful contemporary space at RHA Malvern 2018 – image courtesy of Lynn Keddie

In “At Home – Grow, Dine and Relax”, which won a Bronze at RHS Malvern in 2018, garden designer Anne Keenan used Porcelain paving from DesignBoard stockist, London Stone. Bespoke cut Slab Coke and Slab Khaki were paired with cedar batons which clad the water butts to create a modern-looking balcony layout. To add texture and complement the cedar, Anne chose DesignBoard Traditional. As its name implies, this decking has a more traditional feel, offering the character of wood in texture and shading, but blends perfectly in a contemporary design.

A perfect contrast; DesignBoard and the bespoke cut porcelain from London Stone on Anne Keenan’s outdoor space

What a contrast with this garden design by Lydia Hill-Wood of Hill-Wood & Co. Here DesignBoard Mocha and DesignBoard Cinnamon are used in a combination with Kandla Grey Setts from London Stone.

You can’t find a much more traditional paving material than riven Indian sandstone setts, yet here they’re ably blended with contemporary decking against a traditional brick wall background.

Lydia Hill-Wood has created contrast and interest with a mix of colour as well as texture, through using different materials

For another mix of DesignBoard and natural stone, take a look at this pairing of DesignBoard Charcoal with Grey Yorkstone, that most traditional of British paving. Just gorgeous. In fact, if you click through, you’ll also see how one of our most popular colours, DesignBoard Luna, combines elegantly in a single design with contemporary and traditional materials, Porcelain and oak sleepers.

Lydia’s use of contrasting shapes helps to create an interesting outdoor space

That’s the joy of DesignBoard. A composite decking in nine colours as standard, from cool, bright Silver to the warm coffee tones of Mocha, and with subtle texture and tonal variations, DesignBoard offers the low-maintenance advantages of a contemporary decking material that, nevertheless, blends with just about any Natural Stone or Porcelain paving.

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