DesignBoard Composite Decking – A Perfect Partner For Paving, Part 1

Finding the right colour combinations can be one of the most time-consuming elements when creating a garden design, especially where the design begs the inclusion of several textures. It’s one thing to create a paving pattern with contrasting colours of granite, for example, a completely different matter to find the right composite decking to match or contrast with your chosen paving.

Creative Roots used material combinations to great effect in the Midlands, on this domestic scheme from 2018

As our DesignBoard general manager, Antony Pasquini, explained in our last blogpost, some designers are choosing to fit our decking boards flush with paving without changing levels. This is an excellent way to create texture and delineate areas within a design.

DesignBoard Luna is one of our most popular choices; an attractive mid-grey composite decking with slight colour variation which gives it warmth and character. “It lends itself to almost anything,” says Anthony. “And will go with almost any paving.” We recently showed you a garden design where Creative Roots’ Neil Sutcliffe paired it with DesignBoard stockist, London Stone’s Sandy White Porcelain to create an elegant balance of colour.

Botanica Garden Design create a beautidul contrast between the soft aesthetics of DesignBoard Charcoal, used with the pale tones of Grey Yorkstone

DesignBoard Charcoal is another extremely popular choice. Only introduced to our range at the end of last year, it’s flown out of the door. In the garden design pictured, it’s been combined in a project by Botanica Garden Design with Grey Yorkstone from London Stone, a top-quality British natural stone paving and, as you can see, it tones perfectly, contrasting in texture and colour, toning with the furniture, matching its lines, and drawing the eye across the garden to the barbecue area.

With nine colours of composite decking as standard, DesignBoard offers contemporary decking options to blend with every natural stone or porcelain paving. To discuss the options, contact Antony on 01753 212 950 or email

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