DesignBoard – Not Just For Garden Decking

Garden decking is garden decking, right? You lay it to create a raised area for seating, to emphasise a change in level, to delineate an area within a garden design. Well, yes. And no!

I suppose our point is that if you consider our composite deck boards only for decking, then you’re missing a whole array of design opportunities.

DesignBoard has been on the market for just a short time but we’ve already seen landscapers making innovative design features of it and creating far more than just your standard deck. Sometimes DesignBoard doesn’t even touch the ground!

DesignBoard Charcoal, as used vertically by Martyn Wilson at BBC Gardener’s World Live 2018

At Gardeners’ World Live 2018, the Gold-winning A Breath of Fresh Air, designed by Martyn Wilson and built by Keyscape Landscape Design and Construction, used DesignBoard Charcoal as fencing, with the decking planks placed horizontally. This made an unobtrusive and (in a permanent garden) long-lasting fence which provided a background that really allowed the foliage to shine and gave the sculpture a starring role.

DesignBoard Charcoal provides an able background to the Hostas and Geums in Martyn’s planting design

Brett Penny of Limebok Landscaping took composite decking up another level and made a DesignBoard Mocha ceiling to the barbecue area that matched the composite boards used elsewhere in the garden. It’s that tiny thoughtful detail that makes a great garden design.

Even back on the ground, landscapers are thinking creatively with DesignBoard. Antony Pasquini, our General Manager for the product, says, “Landscapers have used it a lot as a feature product, sinking the frame into the ground and using it flush with paving.”

Used as a seat, used as walling, used as decking, this scheme from Limebok has it all!

What this means is that you can bring contrast in texture or colour to a single plane by using decking planks in a way that would be ill-advised for real wood, which needs plenty of air to circulate to reduce rotting and extend the life of the planks.

For more information on DesignBoard and how it can be used in more unusual situations, contact Antony Pasquini, our DesignBoard General Manager, on 01753 212950 or email

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