Things you thought you knew about composite decking

What are your assumptions about composite decking? Maybe…it’s trying to look like wood but clearly isn’t? Colours fade at the gallop? All the decking planks are identical which makes the decking look out of place?

Before you make the same assumptions about DesignBoard, allow us talk you through a few of them.

Pattern and colour

DesignBoard has very much its own character. There is a sense of real wood about it, because natural fibres and rice husks make up 50% of its composition. This gives it the look of a natural material, making it comfortable in a wide range of designs, including those in traditional settings.

Botanica Gardens used DesignBoard Charcoal to contrast with the Grey Yorkstone paving on this visually stunning project

But DesignBoard also offers a very consistent appearance. Gently ridged in texture, the depth and width of those ridges vary slightly to create a more organic feel, but overall the look is uniform enough to be perfect for contemporary designs.

Available in nine standard colours, ranging from the dark, smoky Charcoal, through browns, greys and beiges to the subtly flecked Silver, the very consistent background tone is overlaid with careful shading and pattern variations in the sort of understated detail that brings garden designs to life.

Twenty more colours are available to order with a five-to-seven-week lead time. That’s a huge range of attractive shades to choose from, which is exactly what you need for a high-quality build.

Nor will those colours fade to any meaningful extent. All composite decking fades – as does wood – but DesignBoard colours fade by a minimal 1% per year.

EH Associates created an eye-catching scheme featuring DesignBoard Silver – as featured on Grand Designs, 2018 – image courtesy of Rooz Photography

Lengths can be varied

DesignBoard’s decking planks are supplied in 3600mm lengths and, as DesignBoard cuts easily with standard tools, this gives plenty of scope to create pattern and texture across a design by creating different lengths. We also offer to cut bespoke lengths for you (with a minimum order of 150m2).

London Stone Partner, Garden House Design featured DesignBoard Luna on their trade stands of 2018

DesignBoard – the best in contemporary decking

All these points combine to makes DesignBoard one of the most versatile decking composites on the market. A wide range of colour, flexibility on length and guaranteed fade-resistance make this an excellent choice for situations where you want really high-quality materials to shine.

If you’d like samples of DesignBoard or more information on the special quality it could give to your next project, email or give our stockist London Stone a ring on 01753 212 950.

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