DesignBoard Composite Decking – easy to install

Good looks and a high-quality finish are great, but for a product to be truly handsome, it needs to behave well. Which is exactly what DesignBoard composite decking does.

Creative Roots have used DesignBoard Luna to create this interesting and stylish circular seating area

We test out everything we sell, as you know, so we were delighted to find how fast we could cover an area with DesignBoard’s decking planks. The composite deck boards are firmly held by specially designed and well-thought-out clips, which have even been made wider on one side to make it immediately clear which direction you need to place them in.

Installing DesignBoard consists of making a subframe to screw the clips into, screwing in an edging strip, then holding the first plank against it and screwing a clip in place. The clips are designed to ensure a consistent 4mm gap along the long edges of the decking planks, so when you’ve installed the first plank all that’s needed is to place the next plank onto the clip and screw in the next clip on its opposite side to ensure a professional and consistent finish. Just keep going like that until you’ve covered the area!

You only require basic tools to install DesignBoard composite decking boards

The decking boards themselves are supplied in lengths of 3600mm and can be sawn using standard tools. If you’re designing a deck with staggered long and short planks, you’ll need to use a double joist where the ends of the planks join.

As with any construction, you save yourself the most trouble by attention to detail, so, where necessary, screwheads should be properly countersunk as otherwise this will hold you up as you fit decking planks against the edging strip, and if you use our matching fascia boards, the edging strip needs to evenly overhang the subframe.

But that’s standard construction work and exactly what we like about DesignBoard. With basic skills, you’ve got it sorted. There’s no puzzling over special fittings or wrestling with fiddly bits. And, of course, there’s no unsightly screwing-in of planks and no need to measure those long gaps.

Picture courtesy of Limebok Landscaping, Hemel Hempstead – DesignBoard on the floor, used as a bench, and as a fencing!

Brett Penny of Limebok Landscaping in Hemel Hempstead used it extensively in the garden design pictured, and not just as decking but for seating and doors. “I love it. I think out of all the hidden clip systems that it’s the best one we’ve used,” he told us.

There you have it. Not only extremely good-looking but impeccably behaved as well.

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