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Hello and welcome to the DesignBoard blog – brought to you with the intention of sharing as much DesignBoard information as possible, alongside handy and amazing DesignBoard tips and tricks to ensure that all of our wonderful customers are able to get the most out of our innovative composite decking product.


Today we are going to be looking at what DesignBoard is, and what benefits it boasts in comparison to other flooring solutions, particularly timber decking…


What is DesignBoard?

 DesignBoard is the ultimate combination between nature and technology – a brand new composite decking product that combines all of the attractive qualities of traditional timber decking with the low maintenance and reliability of composite decking.

Composite decking is made from a mixture of wood, plastic and biding agent. This material is growing in popularity around the globe each day.


Benefits of DesignBoard Composite Decking

 Just some of the attractive benefits of DesignBoard composite decking include:

  • DesignBoard is available in a wide range of colours, with colours to suit all appearances from beautifully aged to ultra-contemporary. It is even available in bespoke colours, a true unique selling point of DesignBoard.
  • DesignBoard is super easy to install, using a hidden stainless-steel clipping system. The invisible enhances the products minimalistic style.
  • DesignBoard is eco-friendly and highly sustainable. The decking product is 100% recyclable, which is now a key requirement for many landscape specialists.
  • DesignBoard composite decking is incredibly versatile, not only used as flooring but also in many additional applications including walling, seating and garden furniture.
  • Here at DesignBoard we boast a fantastic reputation, not only selling our product to individual customers but also on a wholesale basis distributing DesignBoard to some of the UK number one flooring sellers.
  • All DesignBoard decking comes with 10-year warranty, guaranteeing that the boards will not rot, splinter or be destroyed by insects or fungi.


Catering for Your Needs

 At DesignBoard we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of each of our projects and clients, ensuring perfect finish and ultimate client satisfaction every time. If you are interested in purchasing DesignBoard composite decking or would simply like a bit more information, do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be glad to help you with any answers regarding your project.

Don’t forget that some of your questions may already be answered, visit our Questions and Answers page here: https://www.londoncompositedecking.co.uk/questions-and-answers 

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